Friday, September 30, 2016

Going out More This Spring with Eventbrite | Ellen Bourne

So, winter is done and dusted. We've shed our overcoats and have begun to freshen up our diets with a few extra salads to shed those comforting winter layers. Spring is in the air, the magnolia's are in bloom, and all things floral, shimmery and shiny are beginning to adorn all those hipster-girl baristas who set the street syle trends while slinging coffees by morning and mojitos by night at our favourite eateries down the road.

Festival season is starting, and I've started planning all my crazy costumes and camp decor for the long warm season ahead. I'm so keen to go out more this spring. I think we just experienced Melbourne's longest winter in years and I for one am ready for some fun in the sun.

I know for one I'll be booking my festival tickets using Eventbrite. Between planning and creating crazy outfits and theme camps, as well as working full time and trying to go out more this spring in order to maintain my social life I really need my tickets booked in an easy and secure way. When a friend texts you with less than two hours til go time, 'hey, wanna go see this show?' You need a way to get on board fast.

From Rainbow Serpent to the Pleasure Garden (see you there if you're a Melbourne local). The security of eventbrite, along with easily-downloaded tickets meaning you never have to worry about rushing to Officeworks after leaving work to print out a clumsy ticket makes it all the more worthwhile.

How are you all planning to go out more this Spring?



Monday, September 12, 2016

How to Get Over a Creative Slump | Ellen Bourne

You never know where in life inspiration will be hiding. It could be on your evening walk, had you only taken a different path. It could be waiting for you in the wrinkled facial lines of a man you never knew existed , who works at your local farmers market. It could be falling from the branches of trees, as the early spring petal dust the sidewalk, showing you your next colour palette, angle, subject or sentence.

Whatever kind of artist you are; writer, painter, sculptor, videographer, photographer, it doesn't matter. Inspiration is found through a wide funnel of influence, and perspective creates originality.

Whether you simply change your workout routine, the place you do your weekly grocery shop, or start taking a different route to work ; or whether you stop watching TV on weekends and start hiking mountains, a change of scenery can do your art a world of good - moving it from rote performance and task mastering and forward into something deeper, pulling up those forgotten things you have always found most beautiful, from deep underneath the liminal space. Venture into the subliminal.

Change your surroundings, change the perspective, change the place you create or the things you create. You never know what it will spark.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

What I've Been Reading | The August Edition | Ellen Bourne

Today's blog post comes mostly in video format! But don't worry, I'll be back tomorrow with a brand-new post regarding a cheeky little recipe I came up with yesterday morning. Today however, we're talking LIT. Not lit like how rappers get LIT. Lit like Literature, prose, poetry, similes. You know it. Click here or scroll down below to see what I've been reading and my August book recommendations.