Saturday, October 8, 2016

Blue Jeans, White Shirt | Ellen Bourne

From the thickets and tangled roots of memory, from places in our minds we saw when we were too small to remember, emerges this stuttering cross-section of layered and entangled synapses; creating a vision of scent. It is a world plucked from a single vibrational change in the symphonic strata of white-noise. A place where sight and touch spark creating something the nose might feel, as opposed to the skin. Or perhaps, a place where the skin is so enveloped by the depth and urgency this light and heat create together, that it entangles and catches those synapses while their guard is low and beckons them, ‘hear this, feel this, do not merely see this.’
Say what you will, I believe those long gold strands that fold mellifluously down through the air to pour over the lucky surfaces bathing underneath them, carve a smell in the air.
Warm, gold, cleanliness and comfort. Honeyed with the promise of a fresh start, a new day, an uncurling blade of grass stretching up into the place where the light is thicker. Perhaps it is not a scent that exists due to the right particles hitting the right place in the nose, but a scent cast from memory. This synesthetic effect percolates in the mind: Offering something so familiar yet so unknown to us until that offering becomes something like,
A childhood memory, the feel of sun-dried laundry, warm sheets baking underneath a window.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Halloween DIY | Ellen Bourne

Tis the season! The spooky season that is. As you're reading this I'm curled up on my couch after a long work week, with a cup of tea, a bowl of popcorn and either Hocus Pocus or my current favourite anime, A Flying Witch on the TV.

Earlier this week I put together this very simple Halloween-themed/Spring decor DIY for those of us who love all things whimsical and spooky yet live in the southern hemisphere and think it might be a little silly to start decorating the house with pumpkins and fall leaves.

The video version of the DIY is below. Enjoy!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Going out More This Spring with Eventbrite | Ellen Bourne

So, winter is done and dusted. We've shed our overcoats and have begun to freshen up our diets with a few extra salads to shed those comforting winter layers. Spring is in the air, the magnolia's are in bloom, and all things floral, shimmery and shiny are beginning to adorn all those hipster-girl baristas who set the street syle trends while slinging coffees by morning and mojitos by night at our favourite eateries down the road.

Festival season is starting, and I've started planning all my crazy costumes and camp decor for the long warm season ahead. I'm so keen to go out more this spring. I think we just experienced Melbourne's longest winter in years and I for one am ready for some fun in the sun.
I know for one I'll be booking my festival tickets using Eventbrite.  Eventbrite makes it super easy to find tickets to events in your area plus you can plan your event using the tools on their site.  Why not set up a local music festival right in your backyard?"

 Not to mention that between planning and creating crazy outfits and theme camps, as well as working full time and trying to go out more this spring in order to maintain my social life I really need my tickets booked in an easy and secure way. When a friend texts you with less than two hours til go time, 'hey, wanna go see this show?' You need a way to get on board fast.

From Rainbow Serpent to the Pleasure Garden (see you there if you're a Melbourne local). The security of eventbrite, along with easily-downloaded tickets meaning you never have to worry about rushing to Officeworks after leaving work to print out a clumsy ticket makes it all the more worthwhile.

How are you all planning to go out more this Spring?